ASTRAEA RADIO: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Nabil Swelim
Former BBC radio presenter Guy Leigh interviews Dr. Nabil Swelim about the progress on the survey of The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.


Semir Osmanagic interviewed for Bosnian-American TV station that reported on his two day visit to New York.


Semir Osmanagic interviewed for WKQW Radio Station in Oil City, PA.






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Semir Osmanagic


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ICBP 2008 / 2011

  • The Second International Scientific Conference Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids
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  • From September 4th-11th, 2011
Reports & Conclusions





Hypothesis Confirmed:

Near the city of Visoko, 30km north of capital Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, scientist have discovered the First European pyramids. Numerous layers of evidence and recent international verification have proven that the mound Visocica represents an ancient colossal structure with a readily recognizable pyramid shape. Dr. Prof. Nabil M. A. Swelim stated after his recent visit: “The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid ever witnessed, it is an amazing structure of great importance for the entire world”. Visoko valley contains total of five pyramidal structures. They all have readily recognizable pyramid shape, because of:

  • visually symmetric geometry
  • precise orientation in all four cardinal directions
  • geo-sedimentary composition of evidence from the ground
  • analysis of satellite images
  • analysis of satellite thermal images which suggests the characteristics of artificial construction
  • complex of underground tunnels: Ravne-Visocica-Plješevica-Krstac
  • peculiar fluvial/erosive geomorphology observed on the Visocica hill
  • characteristic “resonance” of Visocica under shelling during the last war
  • symmetric terraces on a high-resolution geodesic elevation map

We invite you to join us in the pioneering phase of this grandiose undertaking, and to be creators, not spectators, of history in the making.







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